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How to get your new password

To reset your password read/follow this manual:

1. Click “Login” link like on the picture, it’s on the right top of our page.

2. Click “Lost your password” link, see picture below.

3. Fill in the field with your email/username you used during registration process, see picture below.

4. Check your email box. You have email from us with reset password link. Click that link.
Important remark: sometimes our emails may go to your spam folder, depends from your spam settings. Check this folder as well for email from us.

5. Link from email will lead you to your password reset page, see picture below.
Type your new password and rewrite it for confirmation again. Click “Reset password” button.

6. You will be redirected to login page with confirmation at the top: “Your password has been reset. Please login.”
Now, you can login from this page. See picture below.

Great, now you’ve restored your password.

If your still have problems to login or reset your password, please, contact us:
Email: customer.support@freedomontwowheelsforsale.com

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